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Design Forum Gallery

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Address 902 Farmington Ave.
Farmington, CT 06032
Website URL www.designforumgallery...

A fixture on Route 4 for close to 40 years, this little clown car of a brick store (dig those colorful windows!) never stops popping with ideas: unique (and that’s exactly the word) gift books, fine soaps, fabulous handmade clothing, appealing novelties (how about a Singing in the Rain shower curtain?) and some genuinely gorgeous crafts—art-glass clocks, vases, dinnerware and sculpture, as well as lines upon lines of jewelry from internationally known designers Ayala Bar, Amy Kahn Russell, Colleen Toland and Connecticut’s own Michael Michaud (Silver Seasons). Plus, the kind of greeting card selection—from graceful to bawdy—you’d never find in Hallmark. In general, when you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind item, you’d be crazy to start anywhere else but here . . . if by that, you mean a gift that will also be treasured for years to come.

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award: Gift Shop

Design Forum Gallery - Farmington, CT

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