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Tranquillity Mind & Body Wellness Spa

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Address 88 Noble Avenue
Milford 06460
Website URL www.tranquilwellnesssp...

There’s only one problem when it comes to the host of massage and facial services offered at the lovely Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa: They make it tough to choose. There’s an energy-balancing Ayurvedic holistic massage, an Ashiatsu Oriental bar massage, a detoxifying lymphatic massage, a stress-relieving craniosacral massage, and that’s just for starters. Then there are rejuvenating facials, aromatherapy facials, hydrating and purifying facials and even a back facial for that most difficult-to-reach spot. Whichever you decide upon, rest assured that the goal here is that mind, body and spirit get equal attention, so breathe easy—and relax.

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award: Massage/Facial Service

Tranquillity Mind & Body Wellness Spa - Milford,

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