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Best of connecticut 2014

Welcome to the 17th edition of Best of Connecticut, our annual compilation of all of what we think makes our state such a special place. This year we’ve narrowed our focus over years past, trying to concentrate more on categories that merit a debate while expanding our coverage over the entire state.

As always, we invite you to share your thoughts and tell us about places we may have missed. Best of Connecticut is a project we research and  work on year-round. Send suggestions for next year's winners, and even new categories, to Content Manager Ray Bendici or Verticals Editor Doug Clement.

Like you, we're interested in exploring where we live and finding the best it has to offer. Enjoy!

Food & Drink: From beer and burgers to cake and cannolis, and everything in between.

Fun & Leisure: Nightlife, casinos, family activites, overnights and more.

Shopping: Home decor, fashion, jewelry, books, music and more.


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A monthly celebration of the place we call home!!

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