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Day Spa Glossary

ABHYANGA A penetrating Ayurvedic herbal-oil massage that relaxes the body and mind and breaks up impurities.
AESTHETIC MEDICINE Use of equipment, such as lasers, to remove scars and blemishes to leave skin looking youthful; administered by a medical professional.
AYURVEDA An Eastern Indian medicinal philosophy using herbal treatments and hot oils, combined with meditation, nutrition and aromatherapy to create an overall balance of self.
BODY POLISHING Use of various scrubs to exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells and cleanse the body.
CHAKRA An Ayurvedic term for energy center.
DAY SPA A facility offering a variety of spa treatments performed by trained professionals. Overnight accommodations are not available.
DOSHA Refers to the three Ayurvedic body functions: vata, pitta and kapha.
ESSENTIAL OILS Aromatic plant extracts used as part of a cosmetic or therapeutic treatment, such as aromatherapy.
FACIAL A deep cleansing treatment of the face; often includes massaging, toning, steaming, exfoliating and moisturizing.
HOLISTIC MEDICINE Natural treatments that often incorporate nontraditional techniques, focusing on the relationship of being one with all the elements.
MARMA MASSAGE A traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital body points.
MEDICAL SPA A spa that includes medical therapeutic treatments that are overseen by a doctor or other health-care professional.
REFLEXOLOGY Shiatsu-like treatment in which finger pressure is applied to pressure points on the hands and feet, which are believed to correspond to all glands and organs in the body.
SALT GLOW A procedure in which coarse salt is rubbed all over the body to remove dead skin cells.
SAUNA A heated wooden room with benches for sitting while dry heat opens pores and allows toxins to sweat out.
WAXING Hair-removal treatment using hot or cold wax.
YOGA A system of toning the body through stretches and postures. Involves controlled breathing and concentration to improve circulation, strength and flexibility.
Source: The Day Spa Association (dayspaassociation.com)


Wellness Spa Splurges

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