Red Hot Chocolate

1 oz. Campari

2 oz. Brandy, preferably Germain-Robin

3 oz  whole milk

2 tbs chocolate drops (or equal amount crushed disks, accounting for volume differences) at least 55% cocoa, preferably DeBauve & Gallais

Put milk, cream & chocolate in a milk frothing cup used with espresso. Froth milk as you would for cappuccino. When milk is hot remove frothing wand and whisk or stir vigorously until 
chocolate is completely melted.

Add Campari & Brandy. Pour into heat resistant cup. Garnished with Sylvia's Biscotti.

By: John Ginnetti • 116 Crown, New Haven


 Red Hot Chocolate Old
The Sleigh
Winter 75


The Red Hot Chocolate

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