Lary Bloom's Notebook

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The Challenge of Giving a Great Medical School Interview

Sitting in the medical school hot seat, an applicant’s future depends on a few wise (or otherwise) answers.

April 2013
For Jimmy

For Jimmy

In honor of a man whose music, achievements and grief resonate.

March 2013

Hail Kale

Seasoning, sauciness and sense from the healing kitchen of Terry Walters.

February 2013

Mystery Maker

How author David Handler turned a shoreline town into a capital of intrigue.

January 2013

Go, Socrates!

The ‘secret’ prep school where underachievers unearth buried abilities.

December 2012

Down the Up Staircase

Ginger Whitaker greatly prefers “teach to life” over “teach to the test.”

November 2012

Hello Stranger

As a state, how welcoming are we? Here’s one unflinching (but loving) assessment.

October 2012
Lobster Tale

Lobster Tale

Three lobster tales: "The Old Man and The Sea;" "Claws;" and "Finding Lobster."

September 2012

Finding David F.

He was a desperately ill mental patient whose story could make a book. But could it, really?

August 2012

Avant Guarding

How does Connecticut rate as a state that supports unfamiliar art?

July 2012
Lary Bloom's Notebook

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