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By Charles Monagan

Dancing, antiquing, house hopping, whale watching—they’re all reliable dating scenes.

Stepping Out
What’s a classic date if not dinner and dancing? With that in mind, check out Hartford Swing Dance, an organization devoted to . . . well, you can probably guess. If you’re shy about the steps, a beginner East Coast Swing lesson is provided from 7:30 to 8:30. General dancing follows.

Another tactic would be to check out the schedule for Eight to the Bar, one of Connecticut’s most beloved bands. They can play all styles, but swing is, as their name implies, their specialty. Don’t miss a chance to dance to them live. or

Something Old
 “I want you to help me find the perfect bowl for my dining room table” is the way this date begins. What follows is a pleasant weekend drive along Route 6 (also known as Main Street) in Woodbury, Connecticut’s designated Antiques Trail and one of the best in America, with more than 30 dealers to choose from. Whether you find the bowl or not is immaterial; it’s the browsing that’s key. Check out the painted cupboards at Monique Shay, the weathervanes at Wayne Mattox Antiques or the Best of Connecticut-winning goods (mostly French) at Country Loft. You might also consider the cluster of restaurants near the intersection of Rtes. 6 and 64: Carole Peck’s Good News Cafe, John’s Café, Dottie’s Diner, Carmen Anthony Fishhouse and others.

House Tour
Connecticut is well-known for its outstanding residential architecture. Some of our historic homes—Mark Twain House, Gillette Castle, Roseland Cottage, Heublein Tower—are worthy of their own tours. But for a date, we’ll suggest Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan. It’s set on a 45-acre property and surrounded by a surprising number of fascinating, eccentric outbuildings. The tours don’t start up till May, but we mention it now because tickets are on sale and they get snapped up briskly. Get your tickets in hand, then you can work on finding an appropriate companion.

Deep Thoughts
Aquariums are cool places for dates, aren’t they? Take the Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration, for example. You can’t really go wrong viewing the adorable African penguins you’ll find there, or the beluga whales, or sea lions and seals, or the fish swimming hypnotically in the big central tank. The Deep Sea 3D Motion Ride puts you in a submersible as it prowls the depths alongside whales and giant squid. The Challenge of the Deep takes you to the most remote ocean floors of the world. When you finally come up for air, you may have an entirely new view of each other.

Great Dates

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