Q & A with Colleen Kelly Alexander


What has been most surprising for you about your experience?
The incredible community support I received. The reason I’m here is because of so many blood donors; there are these unsung heroes everywhere, yet I’ll never know who they are.

What has surprised you most about yourself?
That my drive didn’t go away. The same drive I had prior to this trauma accelerated a bit because I was very angry about the things I had lost, the pain I was in and the new life I had to face. I finally had to accept that I could either continue to be angry or turn that anger into action for change, which has been really healing and very powerful.

What’s the next big challenge you’re facing?
I still have six or seven more operations to get through—I’ve had 22 so far—but I’m taking this year off from surgery. I didn’t want to undergo any more anesthesia for awhile, so the goals for now are to get my body as strong as I possibly can and to continue speaking, advocating and being a catalyst for change. I started working on a book in December. And I speak at a lot of the racing events I go to—if I get paid, I donate half to charity. Through April, this will benefit American Red Cross disaster relief in each state I visit.

Q & A with Colleen Kelly Alexander

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