Q & A with Margaret Middleton

What do you think has been the biggest impact of your work at CVLC?
Our fantastic partnership with VA here in Connecticut has helped the VA nationally embrace the idea that lawyers should be part of the team helping veterans rebuild their lives. My hope is that in the near future, VA will help veterans across the country access programs modeled on CVLC.  

What are your goals for CVLC?
We want to show that legal help not only improves veterans’ financial stability, but reduces stress and improves well-being. We are really excited to be starting a first-of-its-kind study funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation to evaluate mental health outcomes for veterans who get legal help integrated with VA care.

What is one thing about your work and CVLC that most people would be surprised to know?
A lot of people are surprised to find out that CVLC is a privately funded nonprofit. What we are doing makes so much sense that people assume the VA already does it!

How has your work at CVLC and at Yale Law School impacted you as a person?
Seeing both the CVLC and the clinic grow and thrive in just a few years has exploded my understanding of what is possible. Let’s think big!

When you’re not busy advocating for veterans or lecturing, you like to ...?
Do burpees! I am evangelical about Bodyology Fitness Studio in Hamden which has turned me into a box-jumping, weight-lifting exercise fanatic. Also, last year a few friends and I started an improv comedy group in New Haven called Tiny Dictator. Look out for our show at ArtSpace sometime in 2014.

Q & A with Margaret Middleton

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