BidMob iPhone App Offers Great New Haven Dining Deals, Discounts


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The appeal of BidMob for both those using the app and restaurants and businesses on the other side is obvious.

If you’re planning to go out, why pay full price anywhere if a couple of minutes on BidMob will connect you with a satisfying option that includes a discount or giveaway? After all, if a group of 8 students walks into a restaurant for dinner and drinks, the manager is unlikely to simply say, “Greetings, folks, we’re going to give you a free bottle of wine.”

As for the restaurants, planning and human nature also come into play, along with other factors.

For one thing, BidMob is a vehicle likely to bring in more customers than might arrive otherwise. How? Let’s say you and three friends want to go out to dinner and you scan BidMob’s deals. It’s a safe bet, based on the examples above, that one of them will sound terrific enough that you recruit a few more friends to come along, in order to meet the group size required for the deal—and thus the restaurant expands its business for the night, thanks to BidMob.

Getting a sense of how many people will be walking through the door on a given night, and at what time, helps the restaurants plan, and then there’s the human nature part: Anyone getting a great deal will be happy, and happy guests indulge those good feelings by, say, ordering a second bottle of wine because the mood is so bright, or opting for the higher priced entrée in that same spirit.

BidMob is one of those proverbial win-win situations, which Underkofler and his partners hope to turn into a win (app user), win (restaurants), win (the BidMob team) through growth and maximization of the business model.

While BidMob is focused solely on New Haven at this point, the plan is to expand it to Fairfield County, then likely Hartford, and beyond.

And while the app is limited to Apple platforms for now, “We’re optimistic that we can expand that and get on the Android platform,” Underkofler says.

In addition, the programming is in place so that websites—say that of a newspaper or magazine—can load the BidMob widget on their home page, as a way of presenting great local deals to that site’s audience.

“That’s really something that’s not being done,” says Underkofler. “We’re really excited about that.”

Over lunch a while ago at the New Haven Lawn Club, Underkofler explained while he was serving institutional clients at JP Morgan, he increasingly thought “it would be great to create something.”

The idea of friends getting together often to go out and the target-rich geography of New Haven—both in terms of the volume of people going out and the volume of venues to choose from—helped shape the structure of BidMob, and the fact that no effective and easy interface existed to link guests and venues sealed the startup’s form.

So head to the Apple app store, search for BidMob, download it for free in less than a minute, and start taking advantage of the great New Haven dining scene—at a discount and with savory, sweet extras thrown in.

See the BidMob website for more information and details.


BidMob iPhone App Offers Great New Haven Dining Deals, Discounts

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