New Haven Dining Is in a Class of Its Own

New Haven dining—where to begin? This is just too difficult.

New Haven in many ways is Connecticut’s hot-lava core of fine dining, whether that means the best pizza in the country (sorry, Chicago, New York and other self-crowned royals), the most authentic ethnic cuisine around or, you know, haute cuisine grilled cheese. Ibiza, Zinc, L’Orcio, Thali (right), Union League, 116 Crown, Geronimo, Claire’s—who can begin to name them all?

And that doesn’t even take into account Wooster Street.

Save the sweat. Just go to and see the great places to eat that come with free parking as part of the package. What better way to get acquainted with the terrific New Haven dining scene?


New Haven Dining Is in a Class of Its Own

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