July 2012

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July 2012


Small Wonder

Built on the site of a tired and tiny caretaker’s house, a charming new cottage takes first place in AIA Connecticut’s annual design competition.

The Pause that Distresses

Once rarely discussed, menopause has now spawned its own information industry.

Connecticut Getaways: As Seen On TV

Looking for something completely different in the way of a summer getaway? How about six overnight trips, each with a theme uniquely tied to a popular TV show? Ready to get going? Don’t touch that dial.

Seeking Seafood

Seeking Seafood

Lobsters, oysters, fresh fish and a lot more, from Old Saybrook all the way out to Stonington.

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Lary Bloom's Notebook

Avant Guarding

How does Connecticut rate as a state that supports unfamiliar art?

Final Say

Final Say: Joe Carbone

Final Say: Joe Carbone

Getting back to business with The WorkPlace's Joe Carbone.


Polling Along

Quinnipiac University’s Q-Poll becomes a player in presidential politics.

The Tip

The Tip: Too Scared?

White powder, unattended suitcases, suspicious packages, mercury, asbestos, radon—our fears are costing us a lot of time and money.

This Month

Front Row Q&A: Terrence Mann

Front Row Q&A: Terrence Mann

A Broadway vet rules the boards at UConn's Connecticut Repertory Theatre this summer.

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