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Our ranking of the top Connecticut public high schools shows that money helps, but so does the right attitude among students, parents and staff.

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If a school finished among the top 30 among all high schools in any of the 11 categories, it was awarded points every time it did-30 points for being 1-10, 20 for being 11-20 and 10 for being 21-30. Double weight (60, 40, 20) was given in one category: the percentage of seniors who took AP tests. Points were then added up and the schools ranked according to how many points they received. Of the 135 high school tracked, 87 received at least 10 points. The winner, Staples in Westport, received 330 points. Wamogo, No. 35, received 70.

The survey includes only what the state terms "Traditional/Regular" public high schools. Magnet schools, charter schools and technical schools were not included.

Where possible, ties were broken by determining the number of National Merit Scholarship semifinalists in the senior class. For example, Wilton, Avon and Ridgefield tied for second place, but Wilton had nine semifinalists, Avon had seven and Ridgefield five.

All data is contained in the state Department of Education's "Strategic High School Profiles 2006-07," the most recent available. The profiles can be found online at

We realize that high schools in Connecticut operate under vastly differing circumstances and don't all have the same objectives. Our goal was to find the schools with the greatest percentage of motivated students, along with faculty and staff that seemed to do the best job of college preparation.

The 11 categories of data included in the chart are, from left to right:

1-The number of AP courses for which students at the school were tested in 2006. The statewide average was 8.9.

2-The percentage of seniors who took at least one AP test. The statewide average was 20.1.

3-The percentage of completed AP tests earning a score of 3 or better, a 3 being generally required in order to earn a college credit. The statewide average was 71.9.

4 thru 7-The percentage of grade 10 students meeting the state goals in the Connecticut Academic Performance Test in reading, writing, mathematics and science. The state's "Goal" level is more demanding than its "Proficient" level, but not as high as the "Advanced" level that is reported in the federal "No Child Left Behind" report cards. The statewide averages for meeting the goals were 45.6 percent for reading, 52.9 percent for writing, 45.2 percent for math and 44.4 percent for science. For more detailed CAPT results, go to

8 thru 9-The average score of the Class of 2006 for the SAT I in mathematics and critical reading. The statewide averages were 510 and 505.

10-The percentage of graduating seniors in the Class of 2006 who went on immediately to attend a two- or four-year college. The statewide average was 78.3 percent.

11-The percentage of the school's professional staff with a master's degree or above. The statewide average was 76 percent.


Top High Schools

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