We, the Voters of Connecticut

A photo essay celebrating the new faces of Connecticut's voters.


Richard Freeda

In a society increasingly populated by those who have become too lazy, distracted, alienated or angry to vote, it can be invigorating to be reminded of how proud we felt the first time we voted-- what a privilege it seemed to be and how it connected us with something that felt vitally important and larger than ourselves. That's what Stamford photographer Richard Freeda was thinking about when he conceived his "The New American Voters," project. For it, he sought out both newly naturalized U.S. citizens at the federal courthouse in Bridgeport and newly eligible 18-year-olds at Westhill High School in Stamford, all of whom will be American voters for the first time in November. Here's betting these faces reawaken your own feelings about a right you possess that others have fought and died for.

New American Voters

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