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> Team 2: Jocelyn and Jordan Paoletta
This mother-daughter team is familiar with Mohegan Sun’s offerings and was happy to join in for the day. Daughter Jordan is a non-red-meat eater but managed to wend her way pretty easily through the various menus, as you will see:

Birches Bar & Grill. We arrive hungry and very ready for breakfast, which is served all day here, along with a full, interesting menu for other meals. Jocelyn goes for the “Philly cheese omelet,” with shaved steak, sautéed onions and American cheese, and crispy, oniony breakfast potatoes and a toasted bagel as sides. Jordan’s breakfast is a little less traditional: a hot lobster roll, fries and house-made coleslaw. Coffee is very good, so is service. Excellent start to the day. We recommend sitting on the mezzanine.

Sunrise Square Food Court. Here’s a big, bustling space dedicated to tasty, authentic Asian fare. We fill out our food order and pay at the entrance, then seat ourselves and wait the traditional 10 minutes until our food arrives. We get bubble tea, sushi, sticky congee (thick soup) with blue crab and a Vietnamese specialty named banh cuon cha lua (roughly a meatloaf and steamed rice crêpe). It’s a busy place that the casino’s significant Asian clientele seems to enjoy very much.

The Cove. This is an appealing place that serves lighter versions of cuisines from the three excellent restaurants it abuts (Pompeii & Caesar, Bamboo Forest and The Longhouse). Diners here can sit at a raw bar, mini pizzeria or noodle bar, but we choose a table on The Cove’s perimeter, a great place to people-watch. Jordan orders a Margherita pizza (we’ve greatly enjoyed the garlic-and-shrimp pizza on previous visits), Jocelyn gets prime rib sliders with onion soup dip and a tasty horseradish salad. The Cove is a great choice when you’re hungry but not quite sure what you’re hungry for.

SolToro Tequila Grill. We’ve enjoyed the friendly, high-energy atmosphere and feasted on the exceptional Mexican food many, many times here, and we’re happy to make it a part of our whirlwind tour today. Jordan loves the fresh guacamole and corn chips, the Corona-battered fish taco and the mahi mahi Veracruzana. Jocelyn falls for the grilled filet mignon taco. And here’s a dessert suggestion: The chipotle brownie with cinnamon ice cream gives a spicy spin to the brownie sundae. It’s very much to our taste.

Krispy Kreme. Was this cheating? We go to Krispy Kreme, buy some doughnuts and bring them home to our resident doughnut expert (son Jonathan). He’d never had them before and now he loves them! His description: “crispy but not gooey on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness.”  Note: He does not heat them in the microwave to “bring out the flavor”—at least not at first. He likes them right out of the box at 11 on a Saturday night.

Pompeii & Caesar. From our plush corner booth, we have a view of the entire restaurant and, more importantly, each of our dishes as it arrives from the kitchen. This is a lovely, fine-dining destination and a great way to cap off the day. We open with focaccia and olive tapenade, a Caesar salad and an orange fennel salad with arugula, radicchio and a citrus vinaigrette. With the finish line in sight, we order and enjoy a Chilean sea bass special for Jordan and, for Jocelyn, osso buco that, according to our terrific server, Cindy, is “as tender as a mother’s love.” For dessert, Jocelyn has fresh-baked apple crostata with brown sugar ice cream and a bourbon-caramel glaze. Now that’s amore!


Eating Our Way Through ... Mohegan Sun

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