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When you get injured, you can immediately call an ambulance for medical attention, and likewise, if your car breaks down, a tow truck can be there within an hour. So why not a service that offers emergency legal assistance —within 15 minutes—even in the middle of the night?

That’s the premise behind LawyerUp, an around-the-clock legal dispatch service. Founded by Easton resident Chris Miles, who was inspired after hearing the story of a friend’s son who ran into legal trouble one night on his way home from college and didn’t know where to turn. “I started asking around because, even with my legal contacts, I wasn’t sure whom I’d call,” says Miles, who worked in the insurance industry before launching LawyerUp this past Memorial Day. “There was no AAA for legal needs. I thought it’d be good to have that.”

The service quickly matches up a user’s need for legal representation to its network of participating, vetted attorneys, who are dispatched based on location and case.

Users can subscribe via personal plan ($4.95/month) or family plan ($9.95/month)—ideal for parents with a college student in another state. The Pay in a Pinch plan keeps users’ information on file, not charging them until they actually use the service (then it’s $100).

LawyerUp covers Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and recently expanded to all of New York City.
For more info, call (877) 72-LAWUP or visit

Lawyer Up

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