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Connecticut Magazine is a general interest, service and issue-oriented magazine that covers all aspects of life in the state—arts, politics, travel, people, business, health, environment and newsworthy issues. Connecticut Magazine readers are generally affluent and well-educated. They enjoy intellectual pursuits, entertainment, dining out and recreation. They are inquisitive, active. They are concerned about the state in which they live and are looking for information and entertainment in our pages.

We occasionally look for service articles, investigative pieces, personality profiles and other pieces of interest to Connecticut readers. We do not publish fiction or poetry. Writers are encouraged to read recent issues of Connecticut Magazine to get a sense of the types of articles and styles appropriate for the magazine.

Query Letters: The editors request that freelancers query their ideas by email or letter and not by telephone. A query should contain a detailed outline of the proposed piece and a list of sources. Copies of articles previously published should be attached, if possible. Queries are reviewed by the editors, and if the idea is accepted, the piece may be assigned. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. 

Queries may be sent to

Deadlines: Our deadline is two months prior to publication date. For example, the final manuscript for a piece slated or intended for the December issue is due on or before October 1. Because most issues are planned well in advance, queries should be submitted as early as possible, in the case of seasonal pieces four to six months ahead of the proposed publication date.

Expenses: In certain circumstances, and if agreed to by the editor at the time of assignment, Connecticut Magazine will reimburse writers for expenses incurred with their articles. In these situations, copies of itemized phone bills and other receipts for expenses incurred must be submitted before reimbursement can be made.

Payment: The amount of payment is determined at the time of assignment and is made within one month of publication. A kill fee not to exceed 20 percent may be paid in the event a commissioned article is still unpublishable after reasonable attempts at revision either by the assigned writer or the magazine staff. Payment is determined on an individual basis. Articles assigned on speculation and unsolicited articles carry no kill fee and no expenses unless otherwise stated in writing.

Artwork: If a writer has appropriate photos and/or illustrations or a lead on available ones, this information should be made known. Prospective photographers and illustrators should query

Contact: Please send all queries to:

Editorial Department
Connecticut Magazine
200 Gando Drive
New Haven, CT 06513


Submission Guidelines

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