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For 2013, we sent questionnaires to every dentist licensed in Connecticut— more than 2,800 — asking them to recommend a dentist to whom they would send a loved one for care in seven categories. We received 490 completed questionnaires (18 percent), a very good return rate. Thus, every dentist listed has been recommended by a significant number of his or her peers — indeed, the only way to make the list is through these peer recommen­dations. We like to say that every dentist who makes the list is a good one, or at least a recommended one, but not every good dentist makes the list. You should use it as a reference, not the final word, as you search for someone to help you with your dental needs. You must ultimately do your own due diligence in order to decide which dentist is right for you or your loved ones.

Delfini, Ronald H.

  • Periodontics

Essential Information

Address 1204 Chapel St.
New Haven, CT 06511
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Dr. Ronald H. Delfini has been practicing periodontics in NEW HAVEN since 1972. His practice, which includes dental implants, emphasizes maintaining or restoring optimum oral health. Dr. Delfini treats a wide variety of dental issues including periodontal disease, gingival recession and tooth loss. The focus of his practice encompasses the preservation of existing teeth, as well as the replacement of missing teeth with implants. When he is formulating a treatment plan, his goal is to restore health, function and the best possible aesthetics for every patient.

Dr. Delfini attended The Hopkins School in New Haven, and is also a graduate of Lehigh University and Georgetown University School of Dentistry, where he completed his fellowship in periodontics. He serves on the faculty of the Yale University School of Medicine and has been teaching dental residents for 30 years.

Additional Information

Dental School: Georgetown University School of Dentistry

Professional Affiliations: American Dental Association
Connecticut State Dental Association
American Academy of Periodontology
Connecticut Society of Periodontics

Delfini, Ronald H. - New Haven, CT

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