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Squitieri, Rafael P.

  • Thoracic Surgery

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Address 2800 Main St. - Level 8
Bridgeport, CT 6606
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Dr. Rafael Squitieri graduated from Columbia University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he completed a fellowship in cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery. In 2001 he joined St. Vincent’s and in 2006 was appointed chief of cardiothoracic surgery in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. In 2009-2010, he also served as interim chair for that department. He has introduced several minimally invasive procedures, including the “mini-maze” to correct atrial fibrillation and new techniques for aortic-root and aortic-arch reconstruction.
In 2012, St. Vincent’s will finalize plans for a state-of-the-art Hybrid Procedure Suite. Dr. Squitieri looks forward to offering the latest minimally invasive heart valve replacement techniques performed without surgery. “This will allow us to treat patients deemed ‘too frail’ for conventional surgery,” he says. “Recovery times and discomfort will be greatly reduced, leading to markedly improved outcomes in our highest-risk patients.”

Additional Information

Medical School: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Hospital Affiliations: St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Organizations: American Medical Association
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Fairfield County Medical Association
Bridgeport Medical Association

Squitieri, Rafael P. - Bridgeport, CT

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