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Carter, Anthony R.

  • Radiology

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Address 134 Grandview Ave.
Waterbury, CT
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Dr. Anthony Carter and  Dr. Eric Hyson are part of the eight-member team at Diagnostic Radiology Associates, a group with specialized training in mammography, ultrasound, CT scans and MRI, X-ray and nuclear medicine.
Dr. Carter (right), a diagnostic radiologist specializing in ultrasound imaging, graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin, did a fellowship in ultrasound and computerized tomography at Yale-New Haven Hospital and is chief of ultrasound at Waterbury Hospital. Ultrasound has broad applications—finding gallstones, blood clots, narrowed arteries, appendicitis, breast tumors, thyroid nodules—he sees it as an extension of the physical exam.
Dr. Hyson (left), an expert in interventional radiology, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, did a residency in diagnostic radiology at Yale and is an associate clinical professor at the Yale School of Medicine. He uses diagnostic imaging for mammography, but also performs needle biopsies, drains abscesses, inserts stents and catheters, and treats varicose veins, all guided by his understanding of anatomical imaging.

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Other Office Locations: 1579 Straits Tpke., Middlebury • (203) 758-2588

Practice: Diagnostic Radiology Associates, LLC

Carter, Anthony R. - Waterbury, CT

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