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Zimmerman, Neal J.

  • Ophthalmology

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Address 166 Waterbury Rd. - Suite 201
Prospect, CT
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Dr. Neal J. Zimmerman treats patients with diseases of the vitreous and retina, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and macular pucker, flashes and floaters. He interned at Hahnemann Medical College Hospital in Philadelphia and completed his residency at West Virginia University Medical Center. He completed his fellowship at Cornell University-New York Hospital in vitreo-retinal surgery. Active in research, he participated in the develop-ment of Amicar to stop bleeding in the eye and liquid perfluorocarbons to repair complex retinal detachments.
Dr. Zimmerman enjoys the challenge of “repairing problems that other ophthalmologists don’t have the training to do.” This includes opacities in the gel of the eye. “Floaters are not blinding, but they can be disabling,” he says. “They can affect quality of life. Many ophthalmologists won’t do the surgery because of the risk.” The new instruments, he notes, are small, highly accurate and effective in helping eliminate them. Patients are able to receive the latest injectable medications, Avastin®, Eyelea® and Jetrea®, which treat various retinal conditions. “We’re considerate of patients’ time. We and try to accomplish everything in one visit.”

Additional Information

Organizations: American Board of Ophthalmology (certified), American Academy of Ophthalmology, Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University Medical College

Hospital Affiliations: Saint Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury Hospital


Zimmerman, Neal J. - Prospect, CT

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