Apr 4, 2014
08:05 AM
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Pepe’s Pizza of New Haven Alive and Well Despite April Fools’ Story

Pepe’s Pizza of New Haven Alive and Well Despite April Fools’ Story

Talk about tasteless April Fools’ Day pranks.

On April 1, CTBoom.com posted a story saying the historic and beloved Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana—founded in 1925 in New Haven and famous for its white clam pizza (below) that has been named the #1 pizza in the world—was closing.

We stress: Pepe’s is NOT CLOSED OR CLOSING, and, in fact, is thriving and continuing to expand, with a new location planned in Boston.

Although CTBoom attempted to signal that the post was an April Fools’ prank, Linda Kavanagh, who handles public relations for Pepe’s, said in an email that the majority of people who saw the post did not notice the April Fools’ artwork or make the connection that the story was a fake.

“It’s always a sad day in Connecticut when a local staple closes its doors, but this might be the most tragic closing in the state’s history. The Original Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana announced yesterday that they will be closing down all locations in Connecticut next month after “location expansions have caused too much financial strain,” said the CTBoom post—which remains at the top of the most popular stories list on the website, with no indication that it’s a hoax.

Pepe’s “was horrified by the joke,”and customers were outraged, Kavanagh said. “Phones have been ringing off the hook with customers wanting to find out if it was true.”

CTBoom, which describes itself as an “online destination for all things Connecticut” that is “curated by editor and writer Kevin Begley,” is owned by Connoisseur Media Connecticut. The About Us section of the website explains the genesis of CTBoom by saying Connoisseur executives “decided that our state needed a place for everyone to read, watch, and yell about Connecticut. Wacky stories, news, music, sports, culture and everything in between.”

Connoisseur also owns radio stations, including WPLR FM in New Haven.

According to Kavanagh, Gary Bimonte of Pepe’s went on the radio the next day to set the record straight and set the station straight

“It was an April Fools’ joke gone horribly wrong and the station is doing their best to make up for it,” Kavanagh said.

CTBoom tried to assuage the damage April 2 by posting a followup, “9 Reasons We're Glad Pepe's Pizza Isn't Closing

Not even 10 reasons? Really?

To find out for yourself why the outage over this tasteless prank is justified, seek out the Pepe’s location nearest you and get ready for some pizza pie heaven.


Pepe’s Pizza of New Haven Alive and Well Despite April Fools’ Story

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