Mar 15, 2013
06:45 AM
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Remains Found in Vernon Connected to Connecticut Magazine Story?


On Wednesday, human remains were found in an area of Vernon that once was a landfill. According to this story on, Adam Viens of Vernon was foraging through the woods looking for scrap metal to possibly use for an art project when he discovered a human skull by a stream. At first he thought it was a fake skull, but quickly realized that it was real, and called the authorities. The area is now being combed for more evidence, with state police cadaver dogs being used in the search.

Although it's too early in the investigation to determine anything for sure, the grisly discovery has led to some speculation that the remains could be those of one of the subjects of "Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Gone," the cold-case investigative cover story of our March issue by crime writer M. William Phelps, and also a recent episode of Phelps’s Investigation Discovery series “Dark Minds” that aired under the same title on March 6. In the story, Phelps, a local resident, chronicles the disappearance of four young girls—including Lisa White of Vernon and Janice Pockett of Tolland—over the span of two decades, and suggests that the four disappearances may be related and the work of a serial killer (or killers). Neither White nor Pockett has ever been found.

We asked M. William Phelps about this discovery, and he said, "It’s likely that the remains are not one of the girls featured in my story. However, what I am focusing on right now until definite answers come in is that the remains are the loved one of a grieving family. There is a person out there missing who has been found, and that alone is something we should find comfort in: A family will soon have answers.”

Hopefully, more evidence will be uncovered to help solve the mystery of whose remains have been found.


Remains Found in Vernon Connected to Connecticut Magazine Story?

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