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Zachs, Todd A.

  • Otolaryngology

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Address 901 Farmington Ave. - 3rd Floor
West Hartford, CT 06119
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DR.TODD ZACHS specializes in treatments for disorders of the ears, nose and throat. This includes snoring, sleep apnea, headaches, hearing loss and allergies. Dr. Zachs graduated from the UConn School of Medicine and trained at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. He is affiliated with Saint Francis and teaches at the UConn School of Medicine.
Dr. Zachs’ priority is making patients feel better through proper medical management. “We use the latest techniques, such as coblation for tonsillectomies, which reduces pain, implantable hearing devices and sublingual immunotherapy,” says Dr. Zachs. In addition, he performs plastic and reconstructive surgeries, including hearing restoration.

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Other Office Locations: 54 West Avon Rd., Ste. 104, Avon • (860) 586-2111
506 Cromwell Ave., Ste. 102, Rocky Hill • (860) 586-2111
893 Main St., Ste. 103, East Hartford • (860) 586-2111

Medical School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine, University of CT Health Center

Hospital Affiliations: St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Organizations: American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy

Zachs, Todd A. - West Hartford, CT

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