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Voting Starts for Connecticut Office of Tourism's Fan-Favorite "still revolutionary" Town


Voting Starts for Connecticut Office of Tourism's Fan-Favorite "still revolutionary" Town

Vote early, vote often for the Connecticut town that you think is "still revolutionary."

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Hunting Bear Once Again Up for Debate


Hunting Bear Once Again Up for Debate

Connecticut lawmakers are looking into the possibility of allowing the hunting of black bear in the state.

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The Population Myth

Despite what you read and hear, Connecticut isn’t being abandoned.

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The Big Frame

A new-fashioned live radio noir play is coming to the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut.

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The National Day of Unplugging is once again upon us, so why are you reading this?

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Kiss of the She-Devil


Kiss of the She-Devil

M. William Phelps' latest book is yet another gripping tale of true crime.

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Story Time

Grown-ups like to hear stories, too.

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Blizzard Bound

Yeah, it snowed. A lot.

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Connecticut: Kicks Butt?

Maybe it's time for us to take our state slogan to the next level.

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Signs of Connecticut


Signs of Connecticut

One man goes in search of signs of Connecticut history.

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