Essential Oils are a wonderful way to manage your health and keep you looking & feeling great!!
About this Event

Come join us for a fun, informative class to learn all about essential oils and how to choose and use them safely.

Essential oils can help with MANY things, here are a few:

• Relieve stress and anxious feelings

• Improve digestive & respiratory issues

• Slowaging process and lighten wrinkles and scars

• Soothe head and neck tension

• Provide relief to aching muscles and sore joints

• Support weight management and reduce cravings

• Uplift mood and minimize negative thoughts

• Strengthen your immune system

• Sleep and relaxation

• First-aid needs

• Cleaning without chemicals

Participants will make their own roller blend to take home to support their health.

Kristen Rzasa helps others shine. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, podcaster and fitness instructor who focuses on creating better health through natural solutions, combining hands-off body work and essential oils to help clients to feel good in their bodies and in their lives.



  • Occurred Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm


Osteostrong Greenwich

10 Milbank Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Osteostrong Greenwich