April 2018

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When filmmaker Richard Lanni was researching World War I for a family-friendly documentary he planned on making, he came across a reference to a famous Connecticut stray dog named Stubby. In 1917, this dog had wandered onto New Haven fields near Yale Bowl where the 102nd Infantry of the U.S.…

The secret to a good sandwich is the bread, Kathie Dolan says. That’s why the bread at the Panini Cafe, which Dolan owns with her longtime romantic and business partner James Fox, is purchased fresh daily from top bakeries across the state line in New York. These carefully selected breads cr…

Finding a good doctor is only part of achieving good health. You also need to be vigilant about what you eat, focusing on foods and drinks that fuel a healthy lifestyle, not inhibit it. But, let’s be honest, so-called “health food” doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to taste. You…

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