August 2018

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This & That

Across the organized religions there are those who are not content that their faith be housed in one part of their life, in one building on one day a week, siloed off from the rest of their world and from what they encounter on a daily basis.

I met Roseann Nygard in the laundry room of our Branford apartment complex about a year ago. I was watching YouTube on my iPhone, waiting for the dryer to finish, when a nigh-five-foot, silver-haired spitfire yanked open the door and bellowed like Doris Day in Calamity Jane: “Hey there! Sorr…

Where & When

(Update Aug. 8: On Aug. 3 Blue Ox Axe Throwing in Wallingford became the second ax-throwing facility to open in the state. According to their Facebook page, Montana Nights Axe Throwing is currently expecting to open sometime around Aug. 15.)

Eat & Drink

There’s a healthy population of restaurant owners who will freely admit that success is sometimes achieved by accident and happenstance. Jay LeBlanc, chef and owner of Knot Norm’s Catering Co. in Norwalk, takes it to a whole different level. “I had no intention of opening a restaurant,” LeBl…