April 2019

Let's be blunt: Cannabis isn't just coming to Connecticut — in many ways it's already here. From college labs to grow rooms, hospitals to software firms, a network of cannabis connection is sprouting up around the state. As full legalization looks more and more likely, the business is only poised to grow … but not everybody is convinced that all of the facts are in. We've also got a look at new home trends in kitchens and in decks, and visit with "Scrabble Queen" Cornelia Guest, who is training up young players of the word game into national champions.

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Instead of a traditional shower, a group day at the spa can offer an opportunity for friends and family members to get together, disconnect from devices and celebrate the bride.

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David Hein and Irene Sankoff thought the idea was far-fetched when it was first suggested they write a musical about what happened after 9/11 when 38 planes that were in the air were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland, population 11,000.

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If you need a lesson in the way special interests can influence government, look no further than Connecticut beer.


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