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Travel has never been more complicated than right now, but here are some of the places we're most looking forward to visiting, if not this summer, then sometime soon.

This & That

When the Pleasant Valley Drive-In of Barkhamsted opened for the season on the second Friday in May, owner Donna McGrane was worried because it was pouring rain. “But we were packed!” she says. On the following night, “There was a crazy blinding blizzard. We sold out!”

Where & When

With sweeping cancellations of summer concerts and festivals due to COVID-19, audiences are hungry for the arts. Like many organizations, Washington Depot-based dance company Pilobolus has offered online programs in the last few months, but nothing is the same as an in-person arts experience.

Home & Living

Odds are, you were not among the small percentage of those who absentmindedly or purposefully clicked through to one of the 29,000-plus malicious websites invoking coronavirus that were created in March and April alone.

We reduce, we reuse, we recycle and still landfills and trash incinerators in Connecticut and across the U.S. are bombarded with more than 167 million TONS of garbage each year. What’s an environmentally responsible Nutmegger to do? Investing in the creation of what Dawn Pettinelli of the UC…

Eat & Drink

The secret is in your hand. Even if the recipe is the same, it’s the hand of the one who makes it that matters in the end. These words play a pivotal role in Jim Casey’s cooking career. “I heard this from a chef once and it’s stayed with me for a long time,” says Casey, chef-owner of Bridges…

While pursuing his doctorate in evolutionary biology at Yale in the early 2000s, Geffrey Stopper worked as assistant brewer at the beloved New Haven brewpub, BAR. “I seriously considered starting my own brewery,” he recalls, but his Ph.D. got in the way. “My science career just really took off.”


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