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As community conservation manager for Audubon Connecticut, Ken Elkins is a big believer in the benefits, both ecological and aesthetic, of creating bird-friendly spaces in our backyards. The good news for those growing weary of yard work by this time of year is that many of the fall chores t…

Coming off a spring and summer of untimely Connecticut funerals — life celebrations to be sure as well — it seems a bit crass to be revisiting another bottom-line fact of life: the value some nameless actuary assigned your life or my own years ago in approving a life insurance policy. But I …

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These molasses cookies hold a special place in Anna Llanos’ heart. Handed down from her great-grandmother, Alma Elliott, the cookies are a cherished family recipe. “Great-Grandma Elliott was very special to me. She baked these for us every time we visited her and Great-Grandpa on their homes…

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