Best Restaurants: Readers' Choice 2020

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Below is your chance to vote in Connecticut Magazine's 2020 BEST RESTAURANTS: READERS' CHOICE poll. The winners in each category at the statewide and county levels will be announced in the January 2020 issue of Connecticut Magazine and online at

UPDATE 11/17: We have added five new categories (indicated by *) to the poll: BEST HIDDEN GEM, BEST BURGERS, BEST PIZZA RESTAURANT, BEST PHO/RAMEN, and BEST SUSHI. If you have already voted, you may submit another ballot for these categories ONLY. (Additional votes in other categories from a device already recorded as having participated will NOT be counted.)

Vote in as many categories as you like. Participation and sharing of this ballot are encouraged, but we ask that you please play fair. Suspicious ballots may be questioned, and if they cannot be verified, will be discarded. Multiple votes from the same device will be discounted. Online voting has been extended until 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 15, 2019.

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