Real Wedding of the Week: Natascia and Kory Klimas

Sebastian Photography

bride & groom: Natascia & Kory Klimas

wedding date: October 12, 2012

The bride says: Kory proposed the day after our 5 year anniversary, on March 18, 2011. I was so surprised, as our anniversary had come and gone and we had celebrated as we typically do—being that our anniversary is St. Patrick’s Day! We had made plans to go to dinner with his parents at the Ocean House in Watch Hill (months in advance), and after dinner, we had a round of champagne brought to the table, I didn’t even notice until Kory was getting down on one knee, and that my glass had my engagement ring tied to it! Once I was able to pull myself together, Kory told me that had made arrangements for us to stay overnight and had also managed to get our 2 dogs in during dinner and they were waiting for us up in our room. It was the most incredible surprise and definitely a night I will never ever forget!

We knew we wanted an October wedding; it's our most favorite time of year, but we didn’t want to rush—we wanted to enjoy our engagement and have fun with planning all of the details, so we set our date for October 12, 2012.

Kory and I are definitely your typical definition of "wine enthusiasts!" So we were dying to have our wedding at a local vineyard, but we weren’t sure it was in our budget. So we lined up some appointments with Lake of Isles in North Stonington, being first on our list—and fell head over heels in love with the venue. From the very moment we sat down with Sheila, we knew we were in the right place for us. And since Kory is also an avid golfer, it seemed like the perfect fit.

As we started to plan our wedding and see our vision come together, we decided to bring the vineyard to us! We went with a deep purple and a light green as our main colors (which just so happen to be the colors of red and white wine grapes), and incorporated as much of a wine theme as we possibly could.

Our ceremony was on the deck at Lake of Isles, it was a bit chilly but overall the most perfect autumn evening and sunset. Marie Wiley performed our ceremony and did the most amazing job—guests of our wedding still talk about how beautiful the ceremony was and how Marie seemed more like a friend of ours, rather than just our Officiant—which is true, she is like family to us now! During our ceremony, we included a Wine Box, in which we put letters that we wrote each other the night before our wedding and a bottle of 1990 Bordeaux that we received as a gift on the night we got engaged. We nailed it shut and are set to open it on our one year anniversary, when we will get to read the letters and finally get to pop that bottle of wine!

To continue with the wine theme, at our guest table we had on display our giant K and N filled with wine corks. We had saved up tons of corks, and also had lots of help from friends! Also at our guest table were our seating arrangements, which we hand made out of corks—we tied three together with purple/green ribbon and stuck our place cards right in the center. Inside the ballroom, at each table we used a bottle of wine that Kory and I shared together—either for a special occasion or just one that we really enjoyed—and stuck the table number on the bottle. For our favors, we created tags (all by hand) for our personalized corkscrews; each guest at our wedding got their own.

Our reception was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The way the room looked with the stunning flower centerpieces and votive candles, was just amazing! The food was incredible and all of our guests raved about how delicious their meal was. Our wedding cake was completely hand made by my Maid of Honor, who just so happens to be the Head Pastry Chef at Trump Towers in Chicago. She came home early just to make our cake and it came out absolutely gorgeous! We had gone to our local wine store and purchased two of the old-fashioned wooden wine boxes, and nailed them together to create a cake stand—seeing that come together with our “grape cake” was amazing!

We never stressed over any detail within all of the planning process and I am so glad we were able to enjoy the whole process from start to finish. We honestly couldn't have imagined a more beautiful and more amazing day; it was magical to see our whole vision of our wedding day come together so beautifully. Everyone danced the night away, and it was truly the best night of our lives!

ceremony & reception: Lake of Isles, North Stonington

photographer name: Sebastian Photography, Middletown CT

dress designer: Modern Trousseau, Woodbridge CT

bridal salon: Artistic Expressions, Pawcatuck CT

hair: Artistic Expressions, Pawcatuck CT

makeup: Artistic Expressions, Pawcatuck CT

flowers: Pleasant Acres, Westerly RI

cake: Daniella Rinaldi, Trump Towers, Chicago

caterer: Lake of Isles, North Stonington CT

music: Ian Urgo/Connie Carmona, Manchester, CT

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