Blazing Fresh Donuts

The staff of Blazing Fresh Donuts works to create some sweet treats earlier this week in Guilford.

GUILFORD — Jodi Burns, owner of Blazing Fresh Donuts in Guilford, received an unusual visitor this month: a man who agreed to buy 500 doughnuts if, on Thanksgiving Day, they made their way to folks who might not otherwise get to try the business’ sweet treat.

The man, who spent $1,000 on the doughnuts, asked to remain anonymous, Burns said, adding that he likes to make similar donations during the holiday season.

After receiving the large order, Burns quickly got to work, contacting potential doughnut recipients. Guilford Meals on Wheels, Branford’s Community Dining Room, Columbus House, The Connecticut Hospice, St. George Parish in Guilford and Wallingford Community Dinners were are slated to serve their clients some blazing fresh doughnuts.

Each organization was looking forward to an assortment of doughnuts on Thanksgiving, Burns said, adding that the business planned to highlight its pie-themed doughnuts, which include flavors such as pumpkin and apple crisp.

“It’s nice, you know, for our clients to get something extra. It makes their day,” said Marta Slattery, executive director of Guilford Interfaith Volunteers, which runs the towns Meals on Wheels program. “We are very thankful for any donations that we get because it does make a big difference for clients to feel they are not forgotten.”

Meals on Wheels served 61 people in Guilford Thursday, Slattery said.

Meanwhile, in Branford, the Community Dining Room expected to serve between 80 and 100 in-house meals on Thanksgiving, said executive director Judith Barron.

The organization also brought 70 additional meals to North Branford and Branford homes, Barron continued.

“We’re ready. We’ve got lots of pies, we’ve got lots of turkeys, and now, we’ve got lots of doughnuts,” Barron said on Wednesday. “Thank you to the donors who went out and did that.”

Bettina Cristini, coordinator of Wallingford Community Dinners, also appreciated the addition to this year’s Thanksgiving menu.

Served on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, Wallingford Community Dinners are open to anyone and everyone. They aim “to bring people together” and “make them feel at home because so many people don’t have a place to go on the holidays,” Cristini said.

“It was a surprise. It was very nice,” she said of the doughnut donation. “We are grateful.”

For Burns, the large order was also unexpected — and exciting, especially since her business is not yet a half-year old.

“That doesn’t happen every week,” she said. “We were thrilled.”

To complete the 500-doughnut order, Burns and her staff were planning to start a little earlier than usual Thursday, she said.